About Me

Ikra Javed headshot

Contact: ikra@unc.edu

Hi and welcome to my digital home! My name’s Ikra Javed (and here’s how to pronounce it in case you’re wondering.) I had a long and winding path into UX, after graduating as a history major from a small liberal arts college. It started when I was working on the website of a professor; during this time, I also enrolled in post-graduate digital design classes, where I was first introduced to “user experience” or UX. After learning about UX principles and testing, I basically fell in love. I feel like the world is FULL of design that can be improved, and I truly believe that UX processes from research to end product can help make the digital world a more delightful place for all.

As much as I enjoy spending time behind a screen analyzing results from user research or revising a web page based on insights gathered, I equally enjoy taking long walks outdoors either on trails or just around town.