Ikra Javed

You can count on me to stay curious—
not just about users, but also about the UX processes that serve them.

UNC University Libraries Website Reconstruction

As work for reconstructing the UNC Chapel Hill Libraries’ website, I spearheaded a research initiative to better integrate user and stakeholder feedback into design decisions on content and visual direction.

Type: Work Experience

Skills: Content Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Product Requirements, User Research, Presenting to Stakeholders, Web Development, Visual Design, Quality Assurance, Digital Accessibility

Recruitment flyer for wayfinding user research study

Wayfinding User Research Study

I took lead on executing this user research study, bringing new ideas such as using e-signatures for consent forms or coding the data for emotions. Presenting the results to the UX team garnered excitement for future offshoot research as the master space planning initiative kicks off for the UNC University Libraries.

Type: Work Experience

Skills: Task Analysis, Diary Study, Qualitative Research, Coding Qualitative Data, Emotional Analysis, Rating-Scales (SUS vs. NPS vs. SEQ)

Vanguard’s Robo-Advisor Dashboard Redesign

From usability testing to card sorts, research revealed that beginning investors were fundamentally confused by the investment terminology. I followed the trail to redesign a dashboard that met the users needs for educational access.

Type: Class Project for Real-World Client

Skills: Usability Testing, Card Sort, User Flows, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Behavior-Segmented Personas