From Imposter Syndrome. . .

Being Inspired to Develop, Design…and Write About It.

Dear World,

Hello! I’m going to keep these posts short and sweet, since I am aware that many people don’t like to read lengthy articles these days (#skimplease). Working with my first client (LIKE ever) has taught me so much…..and I’m so glad I said yes! to the project and took it head on.

I have now just launched the client’s website. They are a dog rescue in Charlotte, and in the process, I altered the theme styling (CSS) numerous times, explored numerous plugins, got super creative to find fixes around plugin limitations, worked in Adobe Photoshop to resize and edit the site logo/brand to fit the theme guidelines, developed an invoice, learned how to set a price for myself (I chose to have an hourly rate), accidentally crashed the site…and then fixed it after sweating a bucket, learned so many pawesome puns in the pyrsonality-filled world of pyrs, found ways to solve so many problems for my client— like a hidden, password protected page, or a draft template they could clone over and over again to create pet profiles, or a media organizer to keep track of all the photos, redirected nameservers and learned the difference between DNS and hosting, customized sidebars and footer-bars through altering shortcodes, wrote HTML code when things looked wonky, and finally…..even went into the **intimidating for my novice self …..Beware! Danger possible….**THEME EDITOR and successfully made (a rather simple but still…) edit to a .php file for a social post-sharing option (which I had to first locate, then test, then pray it didn’t crash anything), and then coded out some unnecessary options like Pinterest (how about pawterest? …kidding 🐾 🤣) and I can’t believe I have done it all.

In the beginning, I felt thoroughly unqualified and inadequate to help this organization. It came to me through my previous (and super awesome) boss, who referred me to a person interested in an “advanced student of WordPress” who could help them redo their nonprofit site. I agreed reluctantly, with the encouragement of my previous boss who I still remember replied to me “I think you’re advanced :)” when I wrote back to her ” yes! but…I wouldn’t say I’m advanced…maybe intermediate but eager to learn.” I felt scared, intimidated, and not ready.

I drafted an RFQ Response (Request for Quote Proposal….outlining how I would work, timeline, project goals, suggestions, my credibility, etc.) but while my client deliberated, knots began to churn in my stomach— so much so that I was thinking of backing out, finding excuses on why maybe I wasn’t ready or able.

In those days, my best friend and I talked. He told me to see it as a learning journey while I was waiting to get word back. He informed me that I was suffering from “imposter syndrome,” which I had never heard of. I quickly googled it and was so struck: that was me.

It’s been a huge journey, and I can’t believe the site’s launched today. I am so excited. Not to say I won’t fail, but I’ve been lucky to have a great client, and I love working with them— it has made the whole process joyful. The main partner I worked with was very supportive of me using my full creative license and trying things out, even if it failed. We would laugh about it together.

It’s been so amazing, so rewarding, in terms of my growth as a web developer/designer. I feel so encouraged to write about my own journey as I become an awesome web developer who makes amazing WordPress themes that imbue traditional Islamic Art and Architecture/aimed at digital scholarship.

Anything useful or insightful I learn, expect me to share it here (which I *might* cross-post on Medium…..idea pending still in my head).



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