Hi, My name’s Ikra.

And here is how to pronounce it, if you were curious.

I aspire to make art that reflects traditional Islamic art and architecture. Some places I get inspiration from are Shukr, a company dedicated to preserving the art of Islamic dress and Fez: The City of Islam, a book with an exceptionally profound reading of Islamic architecture.

I appreciate the way any art can resuscitate meaningful conversations about cultural norms and issues. The work of artist Endia Beal and the way she uses it to provoke conversations about racism in the United States initially inspired me to study art.

I believe art is everywhere. I am most interested in making art for daily use, which is why I use the words of art and design somewhat interchangeably. I’m not sure I know the difference or that the difference is clear enough to be sure.

I graduated with honors in history in 2018 from a small liberal arts college called Davidson College. I have since worked in digital scholarship and digital communications and pursued numerous post-baccalaureate classes to better understand the intersection of the web with design and art:

  • Web Development Fundamentals (Basic HTML and CSS)
  • Computer Design Basics (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign)

Background cred: Image by CreatureSH from Pixabay